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Understand key drivers for the Millennial Consumer

In 2020 the Millennial consumer group will be 40% of all working consumers.
They are driving change in today’s youth culture, which has a ripple effect to almost all other consumer groups. Therefore it is vital for marketeers, creatives and product developers to have a clear understanding of the Millennial mindset.
Join this briefing session and gain invaluable insights on how Millennials will be consuming music, fashion & entertainment and behave in social. We will take you on an in-depth tour of one of the key mindsets of this dynamic and often unpredictable group.

In this session, Trendstop's senior trend experts will introduce you to 'Phygital', a mindset that explores the blurring boundaries between physical, digital and social, from gamifying real life to merging technology and feeling.

Join the session to discover the most exciting new brands, latest product innovations, emerging consumer behaviours, future retail concepts & campaigns
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The online presentation features inspirational videos and insightful examples giving you a comprehensive summary of how the market is evolving for the coming seasons. 

The multi-media presentation is packed with brilliant ideas you can start applying to your strategy immediately!
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This topic is essential viewing if you are interested in tapping into trend aware or millennial consumer mindset.

Some of the questions answered in the briefing:
  • How to engage the consumer in the New 'Phygital' World? (physical-digital-social)
  • Will real-life socialising merge with social, and how?
  • What does consumer’s need for entertainment mean for product development, retail and marketing? 
  • What are the latest pop-up retail concepts around these topics?
  • How will the Millennials consume music, fashion & entertainment next? 
Presenters: Jaana Jätyri, CEO & Sarah Coates, Trend Director

Format: Pre-recorded online briefing. Available to watch immediately or you can book a time in your calendar with reminders.

Duration: 20 minutes

Replay: A playback link to rewatch the session is included

As seen by: Adidas, Conde Nast, Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Coach, Tory Burch, Moda Operandi, Kohl's and many others.

Price: Special introductory rate just $99. 
(Standard rate for sessions $249.00)

Join the session and discover...
Be ahead of the crowd, by tapping into emerging storytelling concepts, brand new product directions and innovative campaign ideas. As the consumer's attention span diminishes, our communication methods and means for engagement need to evolve. Let’s explore together what the future holds...

Innovation comes in many formats, this presentation explores some of the most emerging product launches and campaigns that will be impacting the retail industry.
Discover the newest pop-up and retail concepts driving innovation in retail.


In 2020 the Millennials will form 40% of all working consumers. It is so important in today's retail culture to consider what your target consumer wants. Our consumer insights reveal what will be the next big thing on the consumer's mind.

Be informed and inspired by...

Key statistics behind the insights are presented 
to add a layer of confidence to your future developments.

Exciting campaign and story-telling ideas inspire 
the planning of your target audience engagement.

Discover the latest innovations across fashion, music, 
technology, product design, art and culture, interiors, spaces & exhibitions. 

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